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Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. has been assisting clients with land and mineral acquisitions since 2002. We offer diversified land and environmental services to our clients across Canada. We are registered and bonded to provide the acquisition of Surface Rights, Freehold Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights, and confidential bids to the respective Crown agencies in each province.  Managed by competent and experienced staff we aspire to carry out acquisitions with accuracy and expediency.

Surface Land


Stakeholder Relations: We are committed to creating and maintaining trust-based relationships with our stakeholders. We are equally committed to holding the utmost standards of integrity and transparency within the communities we operate in.  We value the relationships that are built on efficiency, trust and integrity with our clients, landowners/occupants, and industry stakeholders. We view our clients in the highest regard and understand the importance of mutually upholding our reputations both in the industry and communities. We recognize the importance of building and fostering working relationships with landowners and occupants. Our teams are well experienced and know the importance of doing their homework – we are committed to researching land value comparisons, practicing integrity in negotiations, and understand the ongoing importance of developing mutually beneficial scenarios for all parties involved.  

Crown Land

Our team has had extensive hands on experience with the Enhanced Approval Process, including use of the Landscape Analysis Tool and requirements for Standard and Non-Standard Applications. We have worked extensively with clients on projects within Area Operating Agreements as well as standard Crown applications and encompass an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the process and tasks involved to efficiently acquire interests within Crown Lands. 

Some of the services we offer:  

•MSL, LOC, PLA, PIL, MLL, SML, SMC applications and amendments  

•Temporary Field Authorization TFA/DOA 

•Environmental Reviews  

•Enhanced Approval Process Supplements and Non-Standard Mitigation Strategies 

•Site Entry Notification

•Long Term Disposition Applications

•Disposition Renewal Applications

•No Entry Applications 

•OGC/KERMIT/AMS Applications 

First Nations Consultation: We believe in being able to provide the TOTAL package to our clients. In order to further assist our clients with recent changes in legislation pertaining to First Nations Consultation, our land teams are dually trained and experienced in the process of engaging with First Nation Communities across Western Canada. Our staff have been actively involved completing First Nations consultation since 2006; we have maintained a very positive working relationship with First Nation and Aboriginal Groups that are being engaged in consultation. Our team has been very successful in their methods of consultation with First Nations, Indigenous and Metis groups throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan to better accommodate the needs of our clientele. On behalf of our clients Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. has worked diligently and effectively on an array of First Nations Communities and Aboriginal Groups acting as a liaison between clients and impacted communities on issues such as Site Visits, Map Reviews, meetings with Elders, Monitors and other band members, Economic Development, Site Visit Costs & Industrial Infringement on Treaty Rights.

Freehold Land

Our team possesses strong experience in the preparation and conducting stages of negotiations with landowners in the facets of conventional crude oil, heavy oil and shallow gas. Upon receiving a project our administration teams complete a comprehensive review of surveys, project information, prepare accurate acquisition documents and obtain all required third party approvals. Our experienced land agents carry out acquisitions, consultations and notifications to stakeholders. 

Some of the services we offer:

•Pipeline Right-of-Way route selection, acquisitions, damages and supervision  

•Wellsite and Access Road site selection, acquisition and amendments  

•Annual Rental Reviews  

•AER Compliance and Communication  

•Surface Rights Board applications and referrals  

•Flaring Notifications  

•Facility Notifications  

•Abandonment Notifications 

•IRIS Submissions

•OGC Compliance and Communication  

•OGC/KERMIT/AMS Applications  

In order to mutually maintain integrity standards, our agents complete thorough reviews of current area values and contributing factors to ensure a fair acquisition. Our team strives to ensure that regulatory compliance is held for each specific project. Communication is of the utmost importance in our industry, and Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. guarantees project updates are delivered to our clients in a timely and efficient manner with accurate and detailed progress reports that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.  

Damage Settlements & Rental Reviews: Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. efficiently completes a thorough process of inspection, documentation and settlement of claims and damages based on knowledge of land impacts and agricultural prices. Our team conducts detailed research for area-specific values in order to effectively negotiate and execute fair annual compensation reviews.  

Public Notification & Consultation: The process in which we have established and utilize for our public notification and consultation has enabled us to create and sustain trust-based relationships. Our relationships allow for us to clearly communicate and facilitate an exchange of information in regards to creating mutually acceptable projects, community plans and terms while obtaining feedback with our stakeholders. Whether it is mail outs, door-to-door visits, phone calls, open houses, individual stakeholder meetings or group sessions we pride ourselves on the ability to review and execute project materials that allow us to jointly develop situations that are safe for our stakeholders, our clients and the environment. 

Waste Disposal & Storage


We have been assiting our clients with public consultation and land acquisition for injection wells, disposal wells and cavern well applications in order to obtain injection and disposal regulatory approvals.  We further have completed the necessary requirements to obtain facility licences and disposal and storage scheme approvals all while maintaining great relationships with the surrounding landowners and communities.  We specialize in AER Directive 51, Directive 58 and Directive 65 applications. 

Utilities & Telecommunication


We are a full service land brokerage equipped with experienced and knowledgeable land agents/administrators that ensure your projects are completed with the utmost accuracy and professionalism. While most land brokerages are focused mainly on oil and gas, we pride ourself on our ability to be adaptable to our clients and their specific needs. 

Services we offer in addition to conventional Oil and Gas Acquisition: 

 •Regulatory Compliance  

•Distribution & Transmission easement acquisitions 

 •Consultation and notification under AUC and government regulations  

•Scouting of potential lines for locations, access, repairs, and maintenance  

•Routing option acquisition; preliminary meetings with landowners/occupants regarding proposed routing options  

•Substation lease acquisitions  

•Prepare caveats for registrations and registered easements  

•Provide accurate, detailed reports and documentation completed in an expedient manner  

•Stakeholder Engagement

Mineral Land


Freehold:  Members of our team have been actively completing freehold negotiations throughout Western Canada for upwards of 25 years. Our land teams are dually exposed to completing surface and mineral acquisitions and are well educated in the field of freehold mineral rights, possessing a thorough understanding of the most efficient practices to ensure a timely and effective deal closure. We believe in open communication and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have created and maintained with our clients; our team has been able to maintain this level by ensuring timely project management updates from inception to completion of a project.  

Some of the services we offer:     

•Freehold Leasing and Administration     

•Estate and Minerals Trust Acquisition     

•Crown Land Sale Posting and Bidding (BC, AB, SK, MB)     

•Prepare and Register Caveats     

•Title Curity     

•Estate and Title transfers    

Crown:  Crown Land Sale Postings, Bids, Direct Purchases, and Exclusive Use of our name at Crown land sales.

The TOTAL Package


Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. has been servicing the western Canadian oil and gas industry and the utilities sectors for the past 15 years. Our managing partners combine for many decades of business experience and are committed to professionalism, high productivity and providing a premium work product. Our head office is located in Calgary, AB.   

With an existing client base currently exceeding 40 active clients, Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. provides the industry with very diverse land and environmental services. Current projects include oil and gas well drilling and development, pipelines, and facilities within all of the major Western Canadian Basins for junior through to major oil and gas operators.  We are also currently providing land services for all aspects of mineral acquisition, waste disposal and injection projects, hydrocarbon and waste storage caverns, municipal utilities, power transmission, telecommunications, LNG (West Coast) and CO2 sequestration.   

Our team excels in time sensitive projects seeking governmental approval for projects with environmental sensitivities and  public concerns and further maintain strong relationships with First Nations/Metis Settlements with respect to consultation. In the past three years, we have had strong growth largely in part to our dedicated and experienced team, and aspire to continue to grow our client base.  We are very proud to share that our team has completed 656 projects within British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories throughout 2016.  

A unique quality of our firm which differs from most other brokerage firms, is that each project lead is responsible for all direct contact with their client from planning, project kick-off and personally preparing all documentation, conducting negotiations, through to file completion thus providing consistent, accurate and timely completion of projects. Should you have any upcoming opportunities, we would very much appreciate your consideration to include Total Petroleum Land Services Ltd. as a potential vendor for your land related needs. Should you wish to discuss our competitive fee schedule, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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Randy MacDonald, President, Land Agent 

Lorinda Turner,  Land Agent

Mallory Aube, Land Consultant

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